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  • I will be in West Belfast in March. Looking forward to attending Mass there. Hope the Boys Choir is singing. I don't go often enough but a great big pond keeps getting in the way.

    Posted: 16 November 2010 by Rex Bradshaw
  • Watch the BBC series on the NI Choirboys on youtube. Really enjoyed it. Even recognized some of the St. Peter's boys from my trip last year for the Libera show. My best wishes to the choir and I hope to see them perform soon.

    Posted: 5 November 2010 by Rex Bradshaw
  • Attended Schola Cantorum event at recent Belfast Culture Night in St Patricks - the outstanding "gig" of the evening without doubt. Mesmerising choir and sublime trumpet solo - feel smug that I got to this! Hope to attend more of Scola's recitals etc now we know about it. Many thanks and good luck.

    Posted: 6 October 2010 by JAC
  • Inspitational website

    Posted: 4 August 2010 by Tim McAuley
  • Only saw your Cathedral from the outside on Wednesday night. So peaceful.

    Posted: 23 July 2010 by Linda Murphy
  • Many years ago I lived in Belfast and as a teenager, was in St Peter's a couple of times, but think it didn't have 'cathedral status' at that time - maybe I'm incorrectin saying that. What beautiful pictures,and congratulations on having the Scola Cantorum. Maybe I'll be in St Peters one day again!

    Posted: 21 July 2010 by Hugo FISHER
  • Canada's West Coast greets you. Yes, you services are watched from very far away & much appreciated. The 8 hour difference is sometimes handy. Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

    Posted: 20 June 2010 by Byron Fisher
  • Just attended Easter Vigil mass at St. Peter's. By far the most beautiful mass I've attended in NI. Thanks for helping to make Easter so lovely. Brittany, Pennsylvania.

    Posted: 4 April 2010 by Brittany Breslin
  • Hoping to organise an organists visit with Nigel in June!

    Posted: 13 February 2010 by John Woodhouse
  • Hi, Just happened across your web-site, a lovely job -- well done! Many things happening 'up there' it seems. All the best, Bro. Giles (Augustinian) St.John's Priory, Thomas Street, Dublin 8. P.S. you can find us at;

    Posted: 7 February 2010 by Giles O'Halloran
  • i made my first holy communion in st peters in 1964, we lived in milford street and then albert st, my granda jimmy lowe had 13 kids and lived in the loney most of his life.

    Posted: 4 February 2010 by winifred kenny
  • Queensland Australia

    Posted: 4 February 2010 by Margaret McCallion
  • My father Gerard McAree was baptised in St. Peter's in 1921. I have visited on three occasions, the first time before the Cathedral was redecorated inside. You have made it quite beautiful, I hope to return. Your choir is quite beautiful. God bless, Please pray for my family, Sandra

    Posted: 30 January 2010 by Sandra Crashley nee McAree
  • Great new website! There seems to be a lot going on. Great to see. Good luck with the site. S

    Posted: 29 January 2010 by Simon Clarke
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