St Peter's Cathedral - Kenneth Jones Organ

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Kenneth Jones Organ

The Kenneth Jones Organ, 2005:

The Cathedral Organ consists of four manual keyboards and pedals with a detached drawstop console with electro-pneumatic action. The organ-cases were restored and modified, with painted and decorated front-pipes. The new console with terraced drawstops, of solid oak, incorporates a fully comprehensive combination system, with unlimited registratonal memory levels. A second (3-manual) console also with terraced drawstops and sited near the Altar, controls certain sections of the organ. The organ contains most of the pipes of the existing organ, fully restored and substanially remodelled and re-voiced as appropriate, augmented by a similar number of additional restored and new pipes. Among the new pipes are the reed stops of Swell, Solo and Bombarde/Great Organs. There are 58 speaking stops and over 4,000 pipes.

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