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Apostolic Work

It was in Down and Connor that Apostolic Work was founded in 1923 in response to the needs of the missionaries who had started to travel abroad at beginning of that century. The work involved supplying both material and financial assistance to missionaries working in all the mission fields of the world. As the range of mission fields expanded, so too did the needs of the missionaries and as a result more and more parishes were enlisted to help. Over the last eighty years of Apostolic Work, demand for support for our missionaries has grown tremendously. St Peter's Parish has always been at the forefront in trying to gather together materials and cash to meet this demand. This is to credit of the women and men, but mostly women, who have carried on this wonderful tradition in our parish of St Peter. It is extraordinary that in this age of consumerism and materialism there are still people in some countries in the world who are desperately in need of the necessities of life. Unfortunately, nowadays, people in general don't seem to think a lot about this. Perhaps they cannot be blamed, since our own existence is so different that we are inclined to think severe poverty no longer exists. The apostolic Workers in our parish and throughout the diocese endeavor to ensure that people in the third world are not forgotten.

When people donate cash, or other articles, these are converted into a means of helping these people to develop their own countries, by setting up pipelines for clean water, getting them to grow their own crops, become aware of health and education issues, take up employment and so try to make their won lives more self-sustainable.

Now, as at the start of the last century, this work remains vitally important to our brothers and sisters in developing countries. Those involved in Apostolic Work are to be strongly commended for their dedication and sterling work, but it would be wonderful to see more people, especially younger people, taking up the challenge. Labourers for this cause are becoming thin on the ground and any new volunteers will be welcomed with open arms to share this labour of love that we have undertaken. Please keep our brothers and sisters in developing countries and all those who work to help their development in your prayers and be sure that God will reward you.

Sheila Bailey